My name is Roger Tarrats Balet and I am the creator and administrator of the Official website of my great-great-grandfather Domingo Balet i Nadal.

This website is a tribute to him and its aim is to gather all the information related to his life and his work (which right now there is little and very scattered) and make it available to everyone who may be interested.

Right now the web is in a very initial phase but in the coming months I will be adding much more information.


If you want to collaborate by providing information of any kind, do not hesitate to contact me.


In order to continue with this initiative and pay the costs associated with hosting the web, purchasing documentation, etc... I invite anyone who is interested in collaborating (whether they are individuals, companies, organizations, administration, etc ...) to do it!


Don't hesitate to send me an email! We answer them all!

Collaborating companies:


Special thanks

  • Txema Romero - Director of the Cerdanyola Art Museum for his great documentary contribution and knowledge of the Casa Planas y Casals known as the Red Tower, one of the works of Domènec Ballet y Navidad in the town of Cerdanyola del Vallès.

  • Maria Meseguer - From the Historical Archive of Barcelona for her dedication and willingness to help the project.

  • Ignasi Busquets - For opening the doors of Josep Portabella House and its main floor to this project.

  • Sandra Garcia Ronda - From Cemeteries of Barcelona for their invaluable collaboration.

  • Josep Masabeu i Tierno - Writer of the Book of Santa Maria de Montalegre of Editorial Albada, for dedicating his time and wisdom to me about this magnificent temple.

  • Sergio Sanvicente - From the Contemporary Archive of Barcelona, ​​for his great willingness to collaborate with the project.