My name is Roger Tarrats Balet and I am the creator and administrator of the Official website of my great-great-grandfather Domingo Balet i Nadal.

This website has been in operation since August 2021 and is constantly evolving to the point where we are thinking of making a biographical book in the future. It is made in honor and tribute to him and aims to gather all the information related to his life and his work (which at the moment there is little and very scattered) and make it reach all people interested in knowing it.

In a short time we have received thousands of visits and have positioned ourselves on Google as the first reliable source of information. We are also present on the main social networks and various media have wanted to publish information related to the project.

On a personal level... during all this time of research, I have experienced very exciting moments such as the first contact with an original plan signed by him or findings such as a sculpture that no one knew by Enric Clarasó on the roof of the Wax Museum. But I also found the response from people exciting: family, friends and indispensable collaborators that I have met along the way and who have helped me a lot and that I thank them deeply.

As a result of the creation of this web page, we have conceived another four that are closely related and that we also invite you to visit:


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In order to continue with this initiative and pay the costs associated with hosting the web, purchasing documentation, etc... I invite anyone who is interested in collaborating (whether they are individuals, companies, organizations, administration, etc ...) to do it!


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