Domènec Balet has his own YouTube channel that is growing over time both with published videos and with the number of followers and views. Here's a little taste, but be sure to visit the Official Channel:

Videos of Domènec Balet

Domingo Balet & Auto Garage Términus - Va passar aquí! Betevé

On December 30, 2021, Betevé made a report in its usual 5-minute format where the story of the mythical Auto Garage Terminus dealership owned by the sons of Domingo Balet Nadal will be told, as well as a brief explanation of the master builder.

*Includes english subtitles

The legend of Alhambra  building in Barcelona - Betevé

Every great history must have a legend and this is that of the Alhambra building in Barcelona, designed in 1875 by Domènec Balet i Nadal.

*Includes english subtitles

Visit to the Ahambra Building

The Department Stores El Siglo - Va passar aquí! Betevé

This report from Betevé tells the story of the department store that was a project by Domènec Balet in 1881.

History of the Barcelona Wax Museum

Both the Barcelona Wax Museum building and the Cafè del Bosc de les Fades are projects of Domènec Balet and this is their story.

Copacabana Bar - The scene of a movie

This is a scene from the movie Far from the Trees, where the old Copacabana Bar appears, which was a project by Domènec Balet in 1880.

The famous partner of Domingo Balet

Rafael Guastavino Moreno "The architect of New York" and Domingo Balet Nadal were fellow students and also did internships at the Granell y Robert Architecture Studio in Barcelona.

Years later Rafael Guastavino was guest of honor at the International Congress of Architecture that was illuminated at the Chicago International Exposition of 1893 and his fame, in addition to the fact that he was also chosen as a member of the jury in the architecture section of the exhibition, in which Domingo Balet obtained Gold medal and that we explain more extensively in the Exhibitions section of this website.

This report from The 2 de Spanish Television takes a tour of the life of this great architect, who could undoubtedly be a fantastic Hollywood movie one day.

Can Trincheria - The House Museum of the family of Domènec Balet's wife

Videos of Barcelona

The day Darwin divided the Ateneo Barcelonés - Va passar aquí! Betevé

Domènec Balet was a member of the Ateneo Barcelonés and this video explains part of its history and a very interesting event. For more information, access the Exhibitions and Life sections of this website.

Cerdà's plans - Sense ficció TV3

Creator of the Eixample, Ildefons Cerdà was a revolutionary who changed Barcelona forever

Ildefons Cerdà was a giant ahead of his time. Like Karl Marx and Charles Darwin, he sought in reason and science the way to face the problems of the end of the old regime and the beginning of the modern era. He was part of the first promotion of engineers in the state. A forerunner of town planning, he had a vision and dedicated his life to making it a reality. His plans still resonate around the world today.

Forgotten and despised, his remains were years in a box, under an office table. In Catalonia, Noucentisme, to assert itself, had to renounce the past. It has taken a hundred years to recover his figure and get an idea of ​​the influence of his thought and work.

In the documentary, the actor Francesc Orella undertakes a search to get to know Ildefons Cerdà and to be able to play him. With the help of sages and experts, he visits the places where he lived and worked, and travels around Barcelona delving into various archives to understand the character, put himself in his shoes and give him life.

Through fiction, the protagonists of this story speak. Not only Ildefons Cerdà, but also the voice of Josep Bosch i Mustick, his father-in-law banker who encouraged him to leave the body of engineers to dedicate himself to making the Eixample of Barcelona; Miquel Garriga, municipal architect and contemporary antagonist of Cerdà, and Isabel Serra, working woman and widow of one of the workers of the Eixample whom Cerdà recognized in his will. They all help to understand how people lived in Barcelona in 1850.

Anna Chàvez, the researcher who has worked most on Cerdà's personal archives, also takes part in this journey of discovery; Daniel Cortijo, a historian who shows the problems of Barcelona 200 years ago; Teresa Navas, professor of urbanism, who talks about the academic and political side of Ildefons Cerdà; the engineer Francesc Magrinyà, who discovers the most relevant contributions of his work, and the architect Vicente Guallart, who shows the real scope of Cerdà's plans.

Chronicles of Barcelona - The golden bourgeoisie. Beyond luxury - betevé

In this video we will see with the new bourgeoisie of the late nineteenth century and their money promoted modernism. Art and refinement that coexisted with the strong social tensions that were brewing in the factories. 

* English subtitles available

Secret Barcelona - History Channel

Few cities in Europe have as many secrets in their streets as Barcelona. A city where the past left hidden dozens of surprising enigmas, traces that today allow us to delve into its history in a fascinating way.

The journalist Lluís Permanyer, the historian Josep Martí Bonet and the writer Javier Coria will discover us places such as, for example, the church that keeps one of the most powerful machines in the world between columns and stained glass, a medieval throne coveted by Hitler or a corridor that keeps one of the great secrets of the city.

Paseo de Gracia, the bourgeois scene - Sense Ficció TV3

This chronicle by Lluís Permanyer recovers a time when Passeig de Gràcia was filled with gardens, cafes, luxury theaters and all kinds of attractions for all audiences.

* English subtitles available